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Published: July 4, 2022
by Alexander Funeral Home & Cremation Center

When planning a funeral service for a loved one, it’s only normal to want to ensure that the service is as special and unique as possible. If you are planning a funeral for a loved one, but are struggling to personalize the funeral service to match the deceased’s own uniqueness in life, then you’re in luck. Below, we are providing some useful tips to keep in mind to help you personalize a loved one’s service as much as possible. Learn more! Our funeral homes in Hendersonville, TN are always open and willing to accept all who walk through our doors. Stop by or give us a call! 


One of the easiest ways that people are choosing to personalize their loved one’s funeral service is by picking a unique theme. Similar to a theme that you’d select for a birthday party, a funeral theme can be just about anything that you can think of! We recommend choosing a theme that best represents who your loved one was while they were alive. If, for example, your loved one was someone who enjoyed gardening or sports, these could all be useful bits of information to use when constructing a theme. For a plant-lover, a good way to follow that theme could be to incorporate beautiful plants and flowers throughout the service or ceremony. For someone who enjoyed a particular sports team, on the other hand, requiring guests to show up wearing a certain jersey or color could also be a great idea. Remember, there are no right or wrong themes to choose so it’s important to get as creative as possible when doing so. If you find that you need some help deciding on a particular theme, we suggest leaning on family and friends for their thoughts and opinions on the matter as well! 


Another huge factor that goes into creating a personalized service for a loved one is choosing a unique location. Again, there is no right or wrong location to choose, so feel free to get as creative as possible. For someone who was religious in life, it may be a good idea to stick with tradition and have the funeral service in a religious house of worship. If, however, your loved one wasn’t so traditional then it could be a good idea to select a location that relates to who the deceased was. If, for example, they were someone who really enjoyed nature, then having the funeral in a beautiful outdoors location could be a really meaningful idea. Again, collaboration is always a great tool to use when making a big decision such as this. Leaning on family and friends with this kind of decision is really useful as they can provide ideas and thoughts that you may not have otherwise thought of on your own. 

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Dress Code 

Additionally, changing up the dress code for a loved one’s funeral could be another unique way to get creative with the service. We suggest basing the dress code off of the unique quirks of your loved one. If they were known for wearing a certain pattern, color, outfit, or style, then requiring guests to mirror that at their funeral service could be a really meaningful touch. 

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