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Published: December 19, 2022
by Alexander Funeral Home & Cremation Center
funeral homes in Bethpage, TN

When you hear that a loved one has passed on, it can kick your grief into high gear. You will plan for their needs with funeral homes in Bethpage, TN and make sure they are in good hands. You also want to address what your family needs, and what you need, to move your grief forward. Once you ensure that your loved one is taken care of, you can concentrate on moving ahead and grieving on your own. Here are a few healthy ways to grieve as you try to find a new normal in your life.

Allow Feelings To Flow

It’s not a good idea to hold your feelings in when you are grieving. When you feel the need to cry, let yourself do so. It’s okay to scream and hit a pillow to get the anger out, too. Holding emotions in isn’t getting rid of them and bottling them up isn’t going to help you any. Find safe ways to vent your emotions so you can get them out and try to move forward.

Avoid Addictive Behaviors

There are a lot of things you might turn to in comfort during hard times. But some behaviors are addictive and can lead you down a rocky road. Don’t turn to alcohol, for example, drugs, eating in an unhealthy manner, smoking, and other things that might seem as it if fills a void, but will only lead you to destruction later. While it’s find to have a drink from time to time, don’t use it to dull your pain or it could become what you turn to as you move ahead.

Choose Active Lifestyles

Your body needs certain things and being active really can feel good. As you take a walk in the fresh air, hike around your area, go for a run, do yoga, or do other active things, it can put the endorphins to use, making you feel better about how things are going, if only for a little while. That feeling is something you might crave right now and getting some exercise can be a healthy way to cope.

Seek Out The Good

While it’s sad that your loved one is gone, when you seek out good things you still have in your life, it can help you to move forward in a healthy manner. If you love animals, volunteer at the animal shelter. Snuggling with a new batch of kittens might be just what you need. If you always loved your job, take a little time from it, but start working from home to get that outlet back in your life. Seek out good things you appreciate so you can move into a new normal a little at a time. 

funeral homes in Bethpage, TN

Vent In Writing

It can be a good idea to put your thoughts into writing so you can process them. Also, you can look back on what you have written later and see how far you have come and how you processed things around the services you had with funeral homes in Bethpage, TN.



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