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Published: January 2, 2023
by Alexander Funeral Home & Cremation Center
funeral home in Hendersonville, TN

Funerals are an unfortunate part of life, and everyone wants to have a funeral done their way. Because of that and the rise of social media, you'll see many funeral trends, and your funeral home in Hendersonville, TN knows them all. As things change, you'll see that tradition is still present in different ways.

Black Was So Yesterday

When it comes to the casket colors, at least. Now coffins have more variety as far as colors go, and because of that, people want colors. Blue, pink and other colors have become the newest trend, and people have fallen in love with royal purple. You'll see orange, yellow, and green for the truly bold. The reasoning behind it is that it's believed that the color can reflect the person that was lost. For example, blue symbolizes peace and calm and could be an excellent option for someone who feels connected with the ocean or the water. Pink would be suitable for someone who loved flowers or who blushed easily. It's meant to take something someone loved in life or was known for and honor them with it.

Live Streaming Is Frequent

This new trend is indeed hit or miss because some people love it, and others hate it to the point where they will kick you out of the funeral. This is because many people find this distasteful. However, if the family is alright with it, you can go ahead. However, this is such a sensitive issue that many people think you're rude for asking in the first place, which is why this might be a trend to avoid.

Going Green Is More Important

Going green is more important now because people realize that we waste a lot, and we all have a carbon footprint that doesn't get smaller. The damage we've done is already done. Instead of taking away what we've done, we need to focus on minimizing what we do in the future to help the planet. As a result, people are taking the time to help the earth by having green funerals. This means that people are choosing to cremate or get a biodegradable casket if they're going to be buried.

The arrangements, such as flowers and extras like that, are also cut down on. That is because people believe they're saving the planet from excess landfill items (it is worth mentioning, however, that flowers can be composted). Whatever you decide, know that you can add or take away whatever you like. 

funeral home in Hendersonville, TN

Funerals Have Changed Immensely  Over Time

Funerals have changed since the old days, and many people are adopting new things as part of theirs. If this is what you and your family think will work for you, you should know that your funeral home in Hendersonville, TN can offer helpful tips on making your funeral proceedings the best for your family. Another reason they can be accommodating is that they've seen everything and can help ensure that everything goes as efficiently as possible.



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