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A Few Things to Look for in a Provider of Funeral and Cremation in Bethpage, TN 

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Alexander Funeral Home & Cremation Center has been offering many options for cremations for more than ten decades now in Bethpage, TN. We also include burials, niche, home, scatter or private, and community placement. There are also many choices for ground burial, lawn crypts, mausoleums, and private estates. We are committed to providing a beautiful and peaceful place for people in Middle Tennessee to celebrate life and say goodbye to their loved ones. If you need immediate assistance, please call us at (615) 502-0011 any time of the day or night, seven days a week. 

If you are facing the loss of a loved one to death, you may need to arrange plans for final services such as a funeral and cremation in Bethpage, TN. If you haven't needed to hire a funeral home before this, and you don't have one in mind yet, your priority will be to choose this provider. You'll want some information to select and hire this professional team. A few of the things you might ask or look for are discussed below:

How are they rated?

Who has the glowing reputation? Ask for references from the court of public opinion. Start with your network, or ask your community pages on social media. You can also look for testimonials at the provider's website or reviews filed with the Better Business Bureau. Try to gather an idea of the overall trends and satisfaction rates this company has garnered.

How much does it cost?

Cost should not be the only factor to consider when purchasing deathcare services, but it is important. First, find out what you can about an establishment's price breakdown and what is included in the basic and more comprehensive packages. If it is not clear on the published materials, call to ask what the advertised prices cover. You don't want to be surprised when the total bill comes due.

Will the funeral home and cremation center support your religious/lifestyle preferences?

Many providers work diligently to be aware of and continually learn how to support individuals and families from all walks of life and religious backgrounds. If you have specific concerns or traditions that feel important to you, call the provider to find out if they will be a match for your needs.

How can the services you are planning be personalized for a meaningful commemoration?

See how the provider will assist in helping you and your family make the services unique. If Granddad has a favorite song, you know should be played on the bagpipes, is that possible? Finding ways to add details to the services can be meaningful and healing for the attendees. Slideshows with pictures, video clips, and music can also be created and played at some point throughout the services for your loved one. If your mother was a quilter, perhaps a sample of her handiwork can be displayed at her ceremony.

Can this provider help with all of the solutions that are needed?

A full-service funerary and cremation center is an excellent choice since they will be able to help you no matter the direction you want to go with the deathcare services you are planning. This can help you simplify the planning process and build in a bit of flexibility. Perhaps the most significant benefit here is the peace of mind that comes from having all of the body preparation services completed by the team you hired. In addition, your loved one will never leave their care at a full-service funeral home until final disposition occurs.

Can you communicate and work well with the staff?

Kindness and compassion matter to all of us. When you call for information, are you well received? You must have good faith with the professionals you are working with for this critical time. Working with experts who prioritize compassionate, respectful, and honest exchanges with the client's families will help you feel supported and understood when planning a funeral and cremation in Bethpage, TN.

Decisions, Decisions, Choosing Funeral and Cremation in Bethpage, TN 

After you have found the firm, you'd like to work with, you'll need to finalize which services will be best for your circumstances. Funeral events may be more formal and traditional or streamlined and customized to your desires. The deceased's body will be part of the service with a funeral, so if that is not practical or possible for some reason, you could have a memorial service instead.

Cremation is an excellent alternative to casket burial. Cremation is a way that the remains of the deceased can be cared for. The process is straightforward but cannot be reversed once started. The body is burned in a furnace chamber until only the hardest parts of the bones remain. These bones can then be ground into smaller pieces that are called ashes. Since the ashes are dry, they are no longer prone to the process of decomposition. The cremated remains can be kept close at home, scattered across the wind, or buried at a traditional cemetery or memorial park.

Work With a High-Quality Firm

Alexander Funeral Home & Cremation Center is a long-standing, experienced full-service firm offering final arrangement services related to all things funeral and cremation in Bethpage, TN, and surrounding areas. See our facilities and learn more at 584 Nashville Pike, Gallatin, TN 37066. Partner with experience and comprehensive solutions by calling us today at (615) 502-0011.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

1. Can You Prepay for Funeral Services in Bethpage, TN?

  • Yes. You can prepay for funeral services in Bethpage, TN and choose the type of casket you want. When you prearrange your funeral, you lock in today's prices and avoid any future price hikes. And, by prepaying, you may be eligible for a special state tax deduction. Contact our funeral home to learn more about prepaid funerals and the options available to you in Bethpage, TN.

2. Can You Transfer the Cremation Ashes to Another Urn?

  • Yes. You can transfer cremation ashes to another urn. Nowadays, many crematoriums place the ashes in a plastic bag inside the urn. This is done so that families can easily transfer the ashes to a more decorative or personal urn. It also makes it easier just in case the family wants to spread the ashes at a special location – as the urns are heavy. On the other hand, if you need to funeral arrangements, we can help.

3. Is it Safe to Touch the Cremation Remains?

  • Yes, the ashes are safe to touch. The ashes are mostly made of bones that are very brittle and will crumble easily. If you choose to handle the ashes, please be gentle and avoid stirring up any dust. It is also best to avoid touching your eyes or mouth after handling the ashes. If you do come in contact with them, rinse your hands and face thoroughly with soap and water. Here are some grief resources that can help you get through the sorrow.


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